The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: October Edition

The world of hospitality digital marketing is always changing,
and the key to success is staying ahead of the curve. This month,
the latest digital innovations include Google testing search
results without URLs, the benefits of being GDPR-compliant, and the
colors that will be making a splash in 2020 design. From SEO to
design, find out the top five things you need to know now in hotel
digital marketing to make sure your hotel is ready to reach your
next guest.


1. SEO: Google is testing search results without

Recently, Google has been testing completely removing URLs from
search results in favor of only displaying the website name. After
the introduction of breadcrumbs a few months ago, Google has been
slowly moving away from showing full URLs, which are currently only
visible to select users. Normally, the URL shows beneath the title,
which often includes the name of the website. While Google
continues to test, it’s important to keep a pulse on this change.
Though it is not certain if Google will adopt this change across
the platform, if it does roll out search-engine-wide, your SEO team
should monitor its impact on CTR and organic traffic.


2. SEM: Google Ads is testing new
lead-form extensions

This new lead-form extension is designed to attract customers
with a compelling call-to-action that can only be accessed after
filling out a lead form. Advertisers can customize lead forms with
their own titles and descriptions, and indicate which information
they wish to acquire from customers, such as name, email, postal
code, and phone number. Advertisers can also design and upload
their own background images for their lead forms and customize the
messages that appear after customers submit their information. The
lead-form extension can be utilized to promote an exclusive offer
and provides a great opportunity to test for meetings, weddings,
and group travel. This feature is currently in beta and should
become more widely available over the next five to six months.


3. Display: GDPR-compliant companies are outperforming
peers across a wide range of metrics.

By now, hotel brands have ensured that they are GDPR
. However, according to a new report from Capgemini,
the impact of GDPR goes beyond user privacy. Compliance with the
EU’s GDPR has yielded a range of positive benefits, including
increased consumer trust, better customer engagement, and revenue
growth. Overall, the research revealed that GDPR-compliant
organizations have outperformed companies that are non-compliant by
an average of 20%.


4. Social Media: Facebook is changing how it measures
organic Page impressions to be more closely aligned to paid

Last week, Facebook announced the way it measures organic Page
impressions will more closely align with the methodology it uses
for ads. What does this mean for hotel marketers? It makes it
easier for hotel brands to make comparisons across paid and organic
channels when measuring metrics like reach and engagement. Facebook
counts an ad impression by the number of times an instance of an ad
is on screen for the first time. For instance, if an ad is on
screen and someone scrolls down and then back up to the same ad,
that counts as one impression. However, if an ad is on screen for
someone two different times in a day, that counts as two


In the coming months, while organic posts on your hotel’s
Facebook Page may encounter a dip in impressions, engagement
metrics should not be affected, and your social team should take
the opportunity to more closely compare performance between paid
and organic efforts.


5. Design: These trending colors are set to make a splash
in 2020.

As the new year quickly approaches, do you know which design
colors are trending? The design palette usually follows fashion
trends and colors that make it to the runway. Here’s a quick
rundown of the colors that will make a splash in 2020:

  • Neo-Mint: This soothing shade of green evolves
    from the popularity of soft pastels, established by Millennial
  • Mellow Yellow: After being a popular trend in
    fashion design, yellow is set to hit mass appeal in 2020 with this
    deeper, more grounded hue, which taps into the ongoing popularity
    of baked, earthy tones.
  • Cassis: Cassis fuses the pinks and purples
    that have made such a huge impact over recent seasons, capturing
    both the gender-neutral appeal of pink and the modern appeal of

While embracing your hotel’s brand guidelines and color
palette is key for a cohesive presence across digital channels,
don’t miss out on subtle opportunities to sneak in playful pops
of these trending colors.

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The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing:
October Edition
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The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: October Edition