The Hoxton Hotel goes legit on co-working

 7 Dubnov St, one of the many WeWork offices around the

Hip hotel chain doubles down on co-working spaces with launch of
new brand

has decided to make co-working a focus of its offering,
not just a handy by-product.

With the launch of its new brand, “Working From_”, The
Hoxton goes full steam ahead with legitimising its co-working

We find out more.

Co-working at the Hoxton not a fleeting phase

The Hoxton will readily admit to having been in the co-working
game since its inception in 2006, but it has never been so clearly

Lobbies and reception areas of these trendy hotels have always
offered ample space for people to have informal meetings, lounge on
the comfy couches and tap away on their laptops, or grab a coffee
and ping off some emails between meetings.

Now, having judged the co-working market to be something which
is here to stay, The Hoxton has decided to commit and open its very
own co-working brand-come-day hotel, going by the name of
“Working From_”.

The hotel’s chief marketing officer
said, “We have always kind of been in co-working,
it’s not actually a new part of the business for us. Our lobbies
were getting busier and busier and when we looked at our spaces,
what people are demanding of the space, they wanted more focus,
more dedication, and more facilities. We just felt like this was a
natural extension of the brand rather than saying, oh, there’s a
business opportunity, let’s get into it.”

Duvet days, home office and much more

The inaugural Working From_ property will be in London’s
Southwark neighbourhood, after trial periods in The Hoxton’s
Chicago hotels earlier this year.

Positioned as a competitor to WeWork, something of the king of
co-working spaces, Working From_ offers more than its rival, given
that it also has elements and services which are more akin to
hospitality than commercial properties. These include getting
coffee and “brain food” served to desks and other amenities not
typically found in co-working space.

Members can sign up for a variety of desk options and Working
From_ caters to everything from established small business to side
hustlers working in the gig economy.

At the lower end of the scale, for £75 (€85)/month, members
can use a desk during evenings and weekends, while £200
(€225)/month will get them a dedicated desk in a shared space.
£500 (€565) equates to six desks in an open plan office, and
finally, £700 (€790) per month translates into a fixed private

There are also some nifty perks for members, such as “duvet
days”, where members can avail of day-use hotel rooms, or £25
(€28) hotel rooms for those pulling all-nighters.

Members may also take advantage of the wellness and gym
facilities which are open 24/7 so everyone can come and go as they

The emphasis at Working From_ is on family, and
comments on this, saying, “The brand has been created
where it’s part of the family, but it can definitely stand alone.
And that was quite important for us. It has the potential to grow


Let’s take a look at a few other projects currently underway
by The Hoxton:

Hoxton Hotel Chicago 

Hoxton Hotel Southwark 

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Hip hotel chain doubles down on co-working spaces with launch of
new brand
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