Michelin Star Chefs’ masterclass at Diamonds Thudufushi

An unforgettable night in the Maldives always includes a fine
dining experience. Hosting world-class chefs, Diamonds
Thudufushi’s plan to host a world-renowned chef every now and
then throughout the year was kicked off with the best of the best
on January 19. Chef Ana Roš, from Slovenia and Ernesto Iaccarino
alongside Giacomo Gaspari, rolled up their sleeves to deliver an
unforgettable gastronomical experience.

Giacomo Gaspari, the resident executive chef at Thudufushi, is a
well-known individual for his award-winning menu preparation
background. His calm and collected manner of going about his
business is why he makes no mistakes and almost always gets it
right in the kitchen. As the head chef at Thudufushi for more than
7 years, Giacomo was truly at home and in his zone at this special
dinner event at the resort.

Ernesto Iaccarino, following in the footsteps of his father has
a standout name in the industry for quite some time now. Hailing
from the mountainous regions of Naples, Ernesto has travelled all
over the world to collect knowledge on the art of cooking. His
style is one that is adaptable to all kinds of cuisines and
synonymous with respecting the traditions the cooking.

Chef Ana, named as the world’s best female chef for the year
2017 is from Slovenia. As a self-taught cook, she has come a long
way from her beginnings to being named as one of the most honoured
chefs of today. Innovative and distinctive from others in her
craft, the fact that Ana was present at this event gave guests a
whole new sense of exhilaration and excitement.

Organized on the beach, the dinner was started off by a small
speech by each of the chefs. Each of whom expressed their
excitement at being able to appraise their ideas. They also spoke a
bit more about the dishes they had prepared. A perfect night for
the dinner, the organization of the event under the stars and the
moonlit sky was one that truly deserves applause. The ambient
setting on the beach is sure to be one of the reasons why this

Two long tables of enthusiastic guests seated on the beach were
eagerly waiting when the first course was served. Not taking the
foot off the pedal, the staffs from the resort were rushing around
to provide to every need that these special guests asked.

First up on the menu was the Pumpkin Glassée with tropical
Fruits, green mango fermented with duck by Giacomo Gaspari and as
the night went on, the servings only got better. Ana Roš presented
the patrons with a delightful Pacchery Cacio E Pepe, Scorpionfish
along with Sautéed spinaches and a dessert consisting of different
types of chocolate with different consistencies, bread and olives.
Ernesto produced a remarkable Seabass cooked in Banana leaves, with
Green Zucchini Cream, Tomato soup and Green lemon. But perhaps the
most eye-catching dish presented on the night was a baked potato
that had been mixed with coral sand from the Maldives to bring an
extravagant flavour of natural saltiness.

An atmosphere filled with fun and excitement along with an
appreciation of the brilliance of these chefs were was infectious
among the guests, as they dined on the cuisines. Putting the final
garnishes to the outstanding dinner, the three chefs stated how
grateful they were of the opportunity to experiment with their
craft and provide an immaculate dining experience to the guests of
Diamonds Thudufushi. Their collaboration in the kitchen can stand
as testimony as to how far the culinary industry has come and how
developed it is with different types of cuisines and different
techniques being used. Working as a team, the three masters in
their craft, showed true wonders that can come out of Michelin
starred chefs and why are they are held in such high regard.

Diamonds Thudufushi also deserves a hand of applause for holding
an event such calibre, as it is no easy feat to source and organize
such an event so flawlessly. Diamonds resorts in the Maldives have
a lot more of these dinners scheduled for their guests throughout
the year. The resorts have further plans to host chefs such as
Massimiliano Mascia, Daniel Fahrenbacher and Iside De Cesare later
on throughout the year.

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Michelin Star Chefs’ masterclass at Diamonds Thudufushi

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Michelin Star Chefs’ masterclass at Diamonds Thudufushi