Marketing Monday Tip: Purpose-Driven Marketing

To celebrate the week of World Oceans Day (June 8), Corona
partnered with environmental group Parley for the Oceans to
encourage people to “pay with plastic” in exchange for a beer.
In select countries, the beer maker accepted plastic waste in
exchange for beer at retailers and bars. The brand also created a
limited-edition can made of upcycled material and pledged to clean
up one square meter of beach for every six-pack sold.

Why should you care?

More than ever, consumers are becoming conscious about the
materials they are buying and the environmental impact of the goods
they use. This has led to the rise of purpose-driven marketing.
Brands are appealing to their audiences and connecting with
consumers who share similar values.

Many hotels are already actively trying to do their part for the
environment by offering eco-friendly toiletries, investing in
energy-saving appliances and lighting, and encouraging guests to
take actions to help lessen their footprint. However, many hotels
do not highlight these types of efforts in their marketing or
promotions. Beachfront hotels can utilize purpose-driven marketing
by taking a cue from Corona and accepting plastic or trash
collected on the beach in exchange for a discount or free drink at
the bar. By calling this out in their marketing, hotel brands can
set themselves apart and gain the admiration of potential

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Marketing Monday Tip: Purpose-Driven Marketing
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Marketing Monday Tip: Purpose-Driven Marketing