Marketing Monday Tip: Brand Partnerships

Recently, brands have been forming unlikely partnerships for
marketing campaigns with brands outside of their industry. T-Mobile
and Taco Bell debuted a T-MoBell concept pop-up in major cities
across America which featured live DJs, daily giveaways, co-branded
merchandise, tacos, and special menu items. The co-branded concept
provided an experiential space for consumers and exposed each
individual brand’s customer base to the other. The mutually
beneficial partnership also promoted taco giveaways on Tuesdays to
customers with a T-Mobile plan through the carrier’s deals app,
which drove downloads of the app and increased transactions for
Taco Bell.


Why should you care?

Hotels can utilize the idea of mutually beneficial partnerships
by connecting with event spaces or retail brands. If your hotel is
located near a concert venue or sports arena, a partnership could
be formed to provide discounted event tickets with each room booked
or discounts at the hotel with the purchase of event tickets.

A few years back, Virgin Hotels and apparel retailer Gap
announced a partnership. Guests at Virgin Hotels could order items
from and have them delivered within three hours, right to
their hotel room. Smaller hotels can take advantage of a similar
strategy by offering delivery from the destination’s best
restaurants or by offering an exclusive brand product presence,
such as Berns Hotel and Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses. The glasses
were on display in the hotel and available through the hotel’s
online shop. This helped Karlsson’s company see a measurable
increase in brand awareness and sales in and outside the hotel.


Incorporating co-branded messaging into marketing will help to
reach more people who may want to engage with your partner brand,
thus discovering your hotel brand. Partnerships between hotels and
brands also allow guests to receive an exclusive and local
experience which will then in turn increase satisfaction, loyalty
and overall perception of the hotel brand.

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Marketing Monday Tip: Brand Partnerships
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Marketing Monday Tip: Brand Partnerships