Just Back From: Rome

The history of Rome, Italy is among the most influential to the
modern world we know today. Rome’s history spans 28 centuries,
being inhabited for much longer, making it one of the oldest
continuously occupied cities in Europe. On a recent vacation,
NextGuest’s Digital Media & Creative Strategy team member,
Dylan Chow, visited the historic city and came back with tips on
where to go, what to do, and the food you must eat.


What did you love most about this city?

I loved all of the history that permeates throughout the city.
Whether enjoying Rome’s rich culinary traditions, ancient ruins,
and stunning art pieces or taking a nighttime stroll through the
streets of Trastevere, you get a real sense of experiencing
something that is thousands of years old, yet at the same time
feeling timeless. After a few days, it is difficult to not be in
awe of and fall in love with the centuries-old stories and culture
of the city.


Where would you take a first-timer in this city?

I would take them to Palatine Hill, which was once the
commercial, political and religious hub of ancient Rome. Today, its
grounds are filled with beautiful gardens, picturesque plant life,
and the ruins of palaces and houses of ancient Rome’s high
society. If you enjoy stunning sites and interesting botany, I
highly recommend exploring Palatine Hill.

What is one thing that a first-timer must do in this

For those with a sweet tooth, picking up a daily scoop of gelato
at a local gelateria is a must. It is an excellent and delicious
way to treat yourself after a day of exploration in the Roman heat.
Plus, it won’t break the bank!


What is your favorite dish from here, and where might we
find it?

One dish that blew me away was the meatballs with peas at
, a restaurant near the Trevi Fountain. Since returning
from the trip, my family and friends have been in disbelief of how
much I’ve praised the peas from this dish. Trust me, they’re
going to be one of the greatest things you’ll eat while in Italy.
And this is coming from a person that is not a typically huge fan
of peas.


Tell us about the locals.

Everybody was super nice and helpful. Whether talking to a
server at a restaurant or a stranger on the street, they always
made us feel welcomed and at home.


What is something they have in this city that you wish you
had at home?

When visiting “Rome’s version of Central Park,” Villa
Borghese, there were large grand pianos scattered around the
grounds that I found extremely interesting. Locals would gather in
the seats around the pianos and listen to whoever wanted to
serenade the crowd next. As a huge music fan, it would not be the
worst way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon back home.


What are five words that describe this city?

Ancient, Charming, Bustling, Breathtaking, Vast.

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Just Back From: Rome