Just Back From: Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali is known for its lush scenery, iconic rice
paddies, and picturesque beaches. Across the island, visitors can
take part in a wide range of experiences from relaxing resorts to
lively beachside bars. NextGuest’s Brand Marketing Manager,
Garrick Lee, recently jetted off for some rest and relaxation,
returning with everything you need to know to have the best time on
the island of Bali.

What did you love most about this destination?

One thing I love about Bali is that there is something for
everyone. No matter what your interests are, or whatever you are in
the mood for, you can find the perfect activity to enjoy. Whether
you are an animal lover who wants to explore the Monkey Forest, a thrill
seeker who wants to swing over rice patties, a professional relaxer
who wants to spend the day at Potato Head Beach Club, or even
an influencer who just wants to get that perfect shot at Lempuyang.

The island of Bali is enormous – every day can be a new

What would you recommend to a first-timer in this

I have two pieces of advice for those visiting Bali for the
first time:

  1. Split your time and stay in two different areas.
  2. Hire a driver.

The island of Bali is huge – going from one area to another
can take up to 3 hours. Therefore, after you do your research and
figure out what you want to see and do in Bali, plan out where you
want to stay. The two most popular areas, in my opinion, are
Seminyak and Ubud. Start in Ubud for exciting nature activities
such as hiking. Then, make your way down to Seminyak to enjoy the
sunset beach views and fine dining. Not to mention, Seminyak is
closer to the airport so your last day won’t have to be spent in
a car.

As for driving, you could rent a scooter or a car, but the roads
are windy and going long distances would be difficult. Hiring a
driver takes the worry out of navigating, finding parking, and
more. I would recommend Bali
Sun Tours

What is one thing that a first-timer must do in this

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but after a long flight,
there is no better way to kick off a trip than to unwind with a
massage. I personally love massages, and of all the places I’ve
traveled, the Samaya Massage at the Samaya Bali Spa is my
favorite. Beyond the exceptional service and amenities, the Samaya
Massage involves two massage therapists who synchronize their
movements for an unmatched experience.

What is your favorite dish from here, and where might we
find it?

This is not a specific dish, but my favorite restaurant was
The Sayan House in
Ubud. It is also now my favorite restaurant that I have ever had
the opportunity to dine at.

This beautiful restaurant is perched on the top of a hill, with
a view that seems straight out of a postcard. The food is a fusion
of the subtle flavors and techniques of Japan, and the flavorful
spices and elements from Latin cuisine. The surprising mix of
flavors coupled with innovative drinks and attentive service makes
for an unforgettable meal.

Tell us about the locals.

The locals in Bali are extremely nice and helpful. We had rented
a scooter to drive short distances – meanwhile, we had no
business doing this since neither of us had ridden a scooter
before. In the beginning, when we had trouble starting the engine
and parking our scooter, the locals were so nice and genuinely
wanted to help us out.

What is something they have in this destination that you
wish you had at home?

If the beaches and the sunset views could be transported to New
York, it would be perfect. No shade against Coney Island, but the
warm blue water, and the silky soft sand are the perfect backdrop
to many of the beach clubs. Seminyak is famous for beach clubs, and
while this one is not as famous as Potato Head, Ku De Ta is a slightly more relaxing
atmosphere for enjoying the stunning sunset views of Bali.

What are five words that describe this

Serene, Picturesque, Adventurous, Enriching, Rejuvenating

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Just Back From: Bali, Indonesia