Ice On Tap For Hotel Guests

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Scotsman’s DXG35 self-serve ice machine

The Scotsman DXG35 was developed specifically for self-serve
ice, for guests in hotels. The latest version combines reliable
performance with quiet operation – so it can be sited in hotel
corridors alongside guest bedrooms.

“The demand for ice shows no sign of decreasing,” says David
Rees, marketing manager of Hubbard Systems, which distributes
Scotsman systems in the UK. “As guests’ expectations rise, more
hotels are feeling the need to offer self-serve ice

That rise in expectations is also why the DXG35 produces gourmet
supercube ice. These crystal clear, hard and pure cubes look great,
last a long time and chill very effectively, so there’s no fear
of melted ice spoiling the drink.

The DXG35 is a space-saving, slimline unit, with a footprint
just 380mm wide by 515mm deep, so it can fit into narrow openings
and corners. The dispensing system is at waist height, making it
comfortable and safe for guests to use. Operation is simple: place
a container in the dispense cavity, push the button and the ice
portion is dropped in. The cavity is large enough to accommodate an
ice bucket.

The ice maker can produce up to 36kg of ice per day, and its
11kg integral storage bin ensures there’s always enough to meet

The unit’s exterior is stainless steel, making it smart,
resistant to tarnishing and easy to keep clean. It’s also simple
to look after, with a front-access condenser air filter that is
easily removable for washing. The DXG35 runs so quietly thanks to
the integral insulation design and simple and reliable electro
mechanical controls.

The list price for the DXG35 is £4837.00 + VAT.

Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading
Scotsman range of icemakers, which is available via dealers
nationwide.  Hubbard Systems is part of HTG Trading Ltd. For more
information and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard
Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045, email or visit

Hotel Business –
Serving the hotel industry across the UK

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Ice On Tap For Hotel Guests