How To Bring Your Hotel Foyer To Life

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In the hospitality industry, first impressions matter. The foyer
or reception area of your hotel sets the tone for your guests’
experience. Is it warm and cosy, or sleek and modern? Your foyer is
also your first and best chance to wow your guests and make them
glad they chose to stay with you. Perhaps most importantly, a
memorable foyer is a fantastic advertisement. Visitors or patrons
coming to your hotel for the bar or restaurant may be tempted by a
striking foyer into seeing what else you have to offer, but
crucially, these days, a memorable foyer space is something guests
will be excited to snap and share on social media, giving you great

Achieving that “Instagrammable” effect takes more than just
beautiful spaces and great interior design. Selfie-happy guests
will be selfie-happiest if you give them something not only
beautiful and luxurious, but original and striking as well. Social
media content is about branding, not only for you but for your
guests, who will want to share their experience at your hotel if
they feel your company’s values align with their own. That means
a truly Instagrammable foyer space should express your values as
well as creating an experience. Finally, although designers are
sometimes shy about admitting this, the truth is that some kinds of
beauty photograph better than others.

For all these reasons, finding the right furniture is becoming
more and more of a priority for hospitality businesses. Good
furniture is not only visually striking, it tempts people to stay a
while, have a deeper experience, and share it. At Valdivian, we
specialise in creating the right furniture for hotels, restaurants
and other businesses across the hospitality sector. If you’re
considering what furniture could do for your hotel foyer, here are
my top tips:

Let your values guide you

Guests share their experience on social media when they’re
excited, and there’s more than one way for your foyer furniture
to be exciting. Yes, gorgeous design and kooky features will appeal
to many, but just as many guests will be thrilled to find that you
care about the same things they’re passionate about. Some hotels
display slogans or artwork that express their values, but furniture
can be just as expressive. If you’re environmentally conscious,
find a furniture business who have environmental concerns at the
heart of the business; it’s possible to create luxury and comfort
that doesn’t cost the Earth. By choosing sustainable furniture,
it will show your guests that you’re committed to building a
better world. The current trend for biophilic design, incorporating
natural, raw materials, also favours sustainable furniture.

Make a statement

The centre of a great foyer space is a statement feature, and
since your furniture is likely to be in the centre of your space,
it’s the perfect way to make a bold statement. Striking design is
key, but it’s a mistake to rely on trendy shapes and colours
alone. Statement furniture should also be furniture:
something guests want to get close to and spend time with.
Well-made, comfortable furniture provides the best customer

Consider contract

The most shareable features are eye-catching, by definition. The
problem with really eye-catching furniture is that it probably
won’t mesh too easily with your existing design. One solution is
to go bespoke. Contract furniture offers original features which
you can customise to fit into your space while still standing out
from the crowd. We believe that handmade, bespoke furniture is one
of the best tools clients have for creating foyer spaces guests
will love, share and come back for.

By Liam O’Donnell, director of Valdivian
, a British furniture manufacturer that
specialises in bespoke, hand crafted contract furniture

Hotel Business –
Serving the hotel industry across the UK

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How To Bring Your Hotel Foyer To Life