HFTP Announces Change in Membership Dues in 2019: What Does This Mean for You?

By Frank Wolfe, CAE

While HFTP has seen remarkable growth during the past six years
in member benefits, resources, research and professional
development events — we have been proud to maintain our
membership annual dues at the same rate since 2013. However, with
new initiatives and benefits — and simply, with time — comes a
rise in costs for the association.

And so, the HFTP Global board has agreed the time has come to
adjust HFTP membership annual dues accordingly, by voting in favor
of a modest 11 percent increase in membership annual dues. In an
effort to give our HFTP members as much notice as possible, we are
making this announcement before its effective increase date
of February 1, 2019. The additional funds will
not only help support the infrastructure and services the
association has built to create today’s HFTP, but a portion will
also be directed toward HFTP chapters and their leaders.

You may wonder how much difference can six years really make.
At HFTP, the answer is: A big difference.

New Resources and Information Sources

Within the last several years, HFTP has built a portfolio of
hospitality-focused online resources that provide quick and easy
access to important information. In 2015, HFTP launched the
first-ever, hospitality-specific search site, PineappleSearch®, with
priority placed on informational search results. The following
year, HFTP introduced an interactive, online forum Community@HFTP where HFTP
members can share their professional experiences, ask questions and
exchange resources with thousands of other HFTP members, all in one

With a business environment continually in flux, HFTP knows the
importance of keeping up-to-date on the latest industry news and
trends. To help its members and the industry stay informed, the
association introduced a suite of news sites featuring aggregated
content, including news, research reports, blogs, feature articles
and more from across the globe. Each of the sites is segmented, and
include: HFTP NewsHITEC BytesHFTP Finance BytesHFTP Club BytesF&B Bytes and GDPR Bytes.

The association has also drawn from its Research Centers and
advisory councils to develop guidelines that assist in the
workplace. One example is the recently published sample
hotel and club job descriptions
 for finance and IT

As HFTP has added to its growing resources, it has also
strengthened the infrastructure to support these services. The
association integrated the Your HFTP online account portal on the
website that individuals can use to check membership status and
register for educational events. The ProLinks webinars,
offered for free to members, have been moved to a feature heavy
program that keeps a two-year archive of webinars,  which you can
access at any time and earn much-needed CPE credits.

New Global Ventures: HFTP around the World

HFTP has made significant strides to impact the hospitality
industry globally. It has made a successful expansion of HITEC® to Europe and the Middle
East, has introduced European- and Asian- focused webinars and
established the HFTP Asia and Middle East Research

Last year, in rapid response to the implementation deadline of
the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HFTP developed a wide portfolio
under the advisement of a council of experts.
Available in multiple languages, the resources include: a vendor
compliance query template, standardized HDPO job
description and hospitality organization data flow charts.

New Opportunities for Education and

In 2018 HFTP launched its new Certification
Advisory Program (CAP)
 to help CHAE and CHTP certification
applicants achieve their designation by partnering them with an
experienced advisor. HFTP continues to maintain a strong focus on
providing benefits in a format that aligns with modern business
practices, and so the certification review series are now available
online in webinar format. Coming next year, downloadable podcasts
will be made available to help designees study valuable exam
content “on the go.”

This past year was also a big year for club professionals. HFTP
introduced two club-specific events: the Club
 (for club professionals to receive education at an
advanced level) and the Club
 (for club executives to share ideas and discuss hot

And to bridge the new generation of professionals with
experienced members, HFTP has just launched the
Young Professionals Mentorship Program
. This pairs a mentor and
mentee for a six-month guided program for a personal professional
development experience.

New Ideas and a Strong Focus on the Future

Each year the HFTP Board reviews and approves a budget that
balances providing benefits to enrich its members professionally
with building a steadfast information source for the evolving
hospitality industry. That is why in the immediate future HFTP is
placing focus on supporting and growing its network of chapters and
reinforcing its research arm to develop and maintain industry

Within the next year, HFTP will be directing greater support to
chapters through increased funds and leadership training. The
investment at the local level will make a tangible difference for
numerous members, as HFTP chapters are where their connection to
the association is strongest. HFTP is extending this familial style
of networking to new regions, with local meetings in Germany and

As your networking base continues to build, HFTP is structuring
itself to provide important resources that are referenced
industry-wide. The association is placing greater emphasis on its
three Research Centers, with specially-commissioned projects to
help hospitality companies make informed business decisions.
Aligned with this goal, the association has recently purchased the
copyright to the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging
Industry (USALI). The resource has been connected to HFTP since its
beginning, and with this shift in ownership, HFTP plans to lean on
its resources as an international organization to drive greater
global adaptation.

At the heart of it all, HFTP remains true to its core
purpose: To lead and advance the hospitality profession by
providing a forum for continuous learning and knowledge
sharing. Thank you for your valued HFTP membership — and we look
forward to continuing to help you grow in your career as we grow in
the industry.

Frank Wolfe, CAE (frank.wolfe@hftp.org) is chief
executive officer of Hospitality Financial and Technology

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HFTP Announces Change in Membership Dues in 2019: What Does This Mean for You?