Facebook Announces Plans to Merge Messaging Apps

In the past year, there’s been a lot of discussion and scandal
around data breaches and platform manipulation from third parties.
This newsletter, which is covering the last few weeks of news,
shows that this is still front and center in the minds of many,
including the platforms themselves. Without further adieu, let’s
take a look at what’s new on social media and how it will impact
hotels and resorts.

Facebook Announces Plans to Merge Messaging

The New York Times has
just announced
 that Facebook is reportedly planning on
integrating the private message features from Instagram, WhatsApp,
and Messenger into one single technical infrastructure. According
to Facebook, the services will each remain in stand-alone apps, it
would just change from a technical point of view.

What This Means for Hotels 

We think this is a game changer in social media and, even more
importantly, in the worlds of customer service and live chat.

Here’s what we know so far:

●     Users will be able to connect across multiple
messaging platforms

●     All apps will incorporate end-to-end encryption

●     The goal is to increase utility (and we think it

●     It will change the game for live chat, and we’re
already underway working on what’s next.

Facebook Offers New Additional Transparency

Facebook is rolling out new
transparency features t
o hopefully restore more trust in the
Pages marketing on platform. One of these features is their new
Quality tab, which tells users if a Page has had any content
revoked due to false information, hate speech, or other violations
of community guidelines. It will also show Pages the content that
was removed to hopefully better help them understand how they were
in violation of the rules.

Image source: Facebook  

They’re also cracking down on the creation of new Pages or
profiles that are similar to those removed for violating

What This Means for Hotels

Trust is a big thing for Facebook users right now, and the
platform is doing everything they can to at least help users trust
the brands advertising on it right now. Ensure that your content is
adhering to the community regulations and you’ll be in good
standing with Facebook and your audience. There’s no need to
hide skeletons, after all, if there aren’t any skeletons in the
first place.

Twitter Rolls Out Two New Features

Last week, Twitter
released a new tool
 on desktop that allows users to edit
images in-app before publishing. The tool isn’t anything too
advanced, but it does allow you to resize or crop the image to
hopefully make it more appealing to your followers.

Image source: Matt

They also released new
social functions for events
, including the ability to see how
many people are engaging with an event in real time.

What This Means for Hotels

Most hotels and resorts are likely having their images edited
before they make it to Twitter, but if you aren’t and you’re
looking for an easy solution, this is it.

The social context for events, on the other hand, could have a
huge impact on hotels. If you’re hosting a big conference at your
hotel and want to create a Twitter Event to generate buzz, this
feature could help you leverage social proof to do exactly

Periscope Adds Guests to Live Streams

Periscope– Twitter’s sister company focusing on live
videos– has just updated their platform so that users hosting a
broadcast can
invite up to three guests
 to participate. This feature
previously wasn’t available on Periscope, but there is a catch:
the invited users won’t appear on the screen, and it will only be
their audio that’s shared.

What This Means for Hotels

More options for live video are always a good thing considering
its value in today’s social media marketing climate. If your
audience is particularly active on Twitter, you can take advantage
of this and interview guests, staff, or other industry experts.
Keep in mind, however, that it’s easier on Facebook and Instagram
to host lives where guests can be seen during the broadcast, so it
may be a good idea to start there.

LinkedIn Ads Roll Out Interest Targeting

LinkedIn Ads has just introduced interest targeting to their ad
platform, allowing advertisers to target users based on topics
they’ve expressed interest in. And one of those interests are
“business travel,” opening the door for hotels and resorts to
connect with potential guests who may be looking to book

What This Means for Hotels

LinkedIn Ads can yield great results, and if you’re using them
for marketing to either gain new employees or connect with new
guests, interest targeting may open up options to better connect
with the right people. You could create an ad targeting that
“business travel” interest, for example, or even target users
who are interested in biology if you’ve got a science convention
happening in your hotel and want to increase attendance and hotel

While you don’t want to use targeting that you don’t need or
that isolates too much of your audience, this feature will be good
to have when it’s relevant to the campaigns you’re

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Facebook Announces Plans to Merge Messaging Apps
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Facebook Announces Plans to Merge Messaging Apps