Case Study: How Minor Hotels Boosted its KPIs with ReviewPro

We all know that great guest experiences and superior guest
service are rewarded with positive rankings on
OTAs and reviews sites.

In the niche of luxury hotel accommodation, the competition is
fierce, and brands have a lot resting on staying at the top. When
working at this level, the difference between great service and
excellent service can sometimes be subtle, after all, luxury hotels
are often operating in the same location, with the same level of

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So, what really separates great service from service
excellence in luxury hotel accommodation?

“In luxury hospitality, you may offer more or less the same
amenities and room standards as other hotels or even be located in
the same city, so at the end of the day it’s making the total
experience from A to Z special that really makes the difference.
That is what the combination of ReviewPro tools helps us
to do.” Marcus
, Director of Operational Excellence, Minor

Many times, it is as simple as being able to detect and resolve
issues while guests are still on property. Guests who have a need
or a problem and have it resolved while still at the hotel show
much higher levels of satisfaction even than guests who had no
issues at all. Often, it’s as simple as having a
successful touchpoint with a guest who otherwise wouldn’t have
had any contact with staff.


In our latest case study, we see how Minor Hotels have woven
guest experience into the very fabric of their training and
onboarding at brand level. Staff members are trained on the basis
of monitoring and responding to guest’s feedback, and this shows
in the great results they have experienced since using
ReviewPro’s guest intelligence solutions.

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Case Study: How Minor Hotels Boosted its KPIs with ReviewPro

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Case Study: How Minor Hotels Boosted its KPIs with ReviewPro