5 Ways for Hotels to Boost Online Visibility

For as vast as the online world is, it’s a relatively
crowded space.

In 2019, the only way for a hotel to stay competitive is to have
a prominent online presence. Yet with all the digital tools at our
disposal, it can sometimes be confusing which tactics best help a
brand stand out.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Not only
do hotel teams need to keep up with Google’s endlessly evolving
SEO priorities, they have to posture against the growing presence
of online travel agents (OTAs) while driving new, more traffic
direct to their hotel website.

As part of our new “Digital Marketing Best Practices
2019” series, the Screen Pilot team has identified five ways most
any hotel team can grow their property’s online

Optimize Your Site for a Mobile Experience

Though an important step
we’ve stressed the importance of
for years, optimizing your
primary website for a mobile experience is more important than ever

Last year, Google fundamentally altered how they crawl websites,
moving from “PC-focused” to “mobile-focused.” A slow, laggy
or poorly laid out mobile website will lower your search engine
page ranking and your online visibility. (Bonus read:
How Mobile Speed Effects Your Rankings

Hotel websites more than a few years old may have been designed
with mobile as an afterthought, but today, the mobile experience is
a primary consideration when it comes to SEO and Google’s
assessment of performance.

Make it a priority for your team to finetune your website’s
mobile interface. Make it a frictionless experience via large
tablet and tiny phone alike. Test your site on both top-of-the-line
devices and less-expensive products with more modest processing

And if it’s been more than a few years since you overhauled
your existing website, strongly consider budgeting to build a
modern, mobile-friendly, and more productive website.

Offer an App

Dedicated hotel apps are increasingly popular as we evolve into
a mobile-focused user base.

Frequent guests and loyalty rewards members in particularly
enjoy the convenience of the app format.

The most advanced apps may include phone-activated room locks,
mobile self-check-in and access to other amenities, but even basic
apps that offer reward point tracking and further personalize the
guest/hotel relationship provides value and drives loyalty.

Not only does an app offer a wealth of personalized marketing
opportunities, its mere existence increases digital visibility by
creating an entry in the app store. Travelers browsing for travel
apps will find your hotel app and, if the features and ratings are
great, you may win new guests.

Populate your app with features like a room service menu, the
ability to book spa appointments and tours, offer a calendar of
local events, and let it be known far and wide that the best
discounts and elite offers are afforded to those who use your

Build Landing Pages for Local Attractions

Don’t underestimate the marketing potential of promoting local
events and attractions.

Be creative in how you showcase event info. Posting blog
articles and images on existing social channels is important, but
also build a dedicated landing page for each of the most unique
events and attractions in your community.

With attraction landing pages, travelers who do online searches
for the attractions they want to visit can easily find themselves
on your website. Provide an abundance of fun pictures, videos, and
useful information along with how your hotel will help guests get
where they want to be. Don’t forget to include plenty of
call-to-action links that drive visitors to book through your
website. (Bonus read: Blogging
to Best Airbnb

Consider Niche Services and Their Keywords

In the hospitality industry, niches are a powerful origin for

People often have special traveling requirements and will only
book with properties that can accommodate their needs. Perhaps they
have very small children, food allergies, a disability or support
animals they travel with. Chances are that your property caters to
some of these niches even, if they are not a “brand

Take the time to research niches, then expand your marketing
message to include pages and articles for these special groups. The
keywords they use can easily drive additional traffic to your
website and will provide travelers with useful information on how
to have their niche-related needs accommodated.

Diversify Your Inbound Content

Content is still king.

Whether it’s a blog, social media, podcast, or newsletter, the
best way to drive traffic to your website is to create a wide
variety of useful and interesting content. Publish travel tips,
vacation stories, what-to-eat insights, relevant community news,
and lots of content regarding local events.

If you want to incidentally hit hundreds of keywords and attract
interest from many types of traveler, make sure your inbound
content includes a diverse array of styles, topics and tips.

Challenge your marketing team to get creative, invite
submissions from guests and community members, and give intrepid
travelers a variety of reasons to make your property their home
away from home. (Bonus read:
4 Ways to Repurpose Your Best Content

Online visibility goes beyond pay-per-click marketing and search
engine page rank. By adopting the latest tactics, hotel teams can
significantly increase the number of times your brand gets the
attention of travelers.

From writing about local festivals to offering a frictionless
mobile experience, the key to hotel online visibility is to
diversify and keep up with current marketing trends.

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5 Ways for Hotels to Boost Online Visibility