3 New-School Ideas to Improve Your Old-School Hotel Brochure

When you think of innovation in hospitality marketing, A hotel
brochure probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. In
today’s world of social media, influencer marketing and
geo-targeted ads, you might be surprised to learn that the humble
brochure has experienced some innovations of its own! Here are are
some fresh ideas for improving your hotel brochure!

Freaking Lasers!

Today, lasers are used for everything from surgery to
manufacturing, so why not use them to make more creative hotel
marketing pieces? Laser cutting is a process that has enabled
hotels to create unique marketing pieces never before possible.

The main advantage of laser cutting is that it’s able to
create extremely intricate patterns. The lattice-like pattern used
in Mandarin Oriental’s spa brochure, shown below, is a perfect
example. While this technique isn’t for everyone, due to its
price, hotels competing in the ultra-luxury market will find it
well worth the cost to stand out.

Let’s Get Digital

While many hotel guests and meeting planners still prefer a
printed piece (in-fact traditional physical marketing collateral is

having a resurgence)
sometimes a digital piece is a better

Flipbook technology means digital hotel brochures can include a
page turn animation making them more engaging than a standard PDF.
Recent advancements means these flipooks can be viewed on pretty
much any mobile device, which has become extremely important since
a majority of emails are now
opened on mobile devices.

Besides eliminating print costs, other advantages of digital
brochures include the ability to provide links to actionable items
and being easier to send, since they can attached in an email. Most
hotels would probably benefit most by having both a print and
digital version of their brochure.

Shape Up

There’s no marketing rulebook stating that your hotel brochure
needs to be an 8.5″ by 11″ rectangle. Think outside the
rectangle! Using an unusual shape is a simple way to make your
brochure more memorable.

You can even take things a step further by using a highly
detailed shape like the Ritz-Carlton taxi-map shown below. And
while this piece isn’t a brochure it’s still a great
illustration as to how shape alone can make a piece more visually

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New-School Ideas to Improve Your Old-School Hotel Brochure

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3 New-School Ideas to Improve Your Old-School Hotel Brochure