10 Reasons Why Hotels Need a Video Marketing Agency In 2019

This is a guest post written by Marina Turea of Digital Authority

Video is becoming an increasingly crucial marketing tool and
with good reason. Online users can not get enough of it, with 85
percent saying they watch or stream video content at least once per
month. 54 percent demand more video content from brands they do
business with, according to HubSpot

But we have only scratched the surface. It is predicted that
video content will be responsible for close to 80 percent of all
online traffic by 2020, and the hospitality-related videos are
right in the mix. Accordingly, Google says video is the new
frontier for hotel marketers.

Even though text-based content and photos play a big role in
hospitality marketing, video as a channel has exceptional benefits
that make it truly a game-changer for hotel marketers. Nonetheless,
every hotel needs to partner with the right video marketing experts
to ensure the best results.

In this article, we are going to look at 10 key reasons why
hotels should not only produce more video content but also work
with a video marketing agency.

(1) Video is a Powerful Medium for Every Guest’s Touch-point

Tourists interact with video content on just about every
touch-point with the hotel. In a
comprehensive study
, Google discovered that 56 percent of
business travelers and 35 percent of people who traveled for
pleasure interacted with hospitality-related videos.

The good thing is that potential guests watch videos in almost
every phase of their decision-making process. More

66 percent of people watch travel-related videos when trying to
decide whether to take a trip or not. 52 percent check out videos
when thinking about which type of trip they would want to take.

63 percent of travelers watched videos when researching tips,
activities, attractions and things to see and do in their
destinations. Even before that, 65 percent watched videos when
choosing where to go.

Ultimately, 54 percent of travelers check out videos before
deciding which hotel to stay at. However you look at it, video
marketing is a Holy Grail channel that allows hotel marketers to
engage the vast majority of guests throughout their decision-making

Success with video marketing lies in quality, engagement level,
and relevance. Hotels need to leverage the right video marketing
tools. But, more importantly, they need to hire an agency that can
help them tailor and position their videos properly.

(2) Nurture Emotional Connections

Inspiring people to travel, let alone to stay in your hotel, is
not an easy walk in the park. It is the job of hotel marketers to
make people feel that they “need to be there.” In saying that,
emotions play an immense role in the guests’ decision-making

In other words, it is crucial for hotels to connect with their
target audience on an emotional level. After all, there is nothing
quite like visuals when it comes to instilling a person’s
innermost and basest emotions. This is an area where video
marketing comes into the picture.

Videos help put the guests right in front of what you offer,
whether that is scenic surroundings, spa experiences, amazing
pools, sumptuous meals, and much more. Did you know that video
activates mirror neurons?

These are special agents in the brain that allows you to feel
and experience what you are watching. When you watch a video of a
guest receiving a calming massage at a spa, for instance; you will
start experiencing the same relaxing sensation.

You probably do not have the tools, techniques, and expertise to
create videos that can truly evoke an emotional connection. That is
why you need to hire a reputable agency that knows the ins and outs
of emotional marketing.

(3) Build More Trust Online – People Trust Quality Video Content

It does not matter if it is user-generated, ad-based, or
brand-produced, video content is trusted by your potential guests.
In a broad survey, measurement consultancy firm
found that about half of people either somewhat or
completely trust video ads online.

Even still, it is important to use a video marketing agency to
ensure that your videos look and feel professional. This will help
build more trust and credibility for your hotel online.

(4) Access Top Talent and Expertise

You already understand that professional video content is
essential for hotel marketing, but do you have the kind of people
who will get the job done right? Building a full in-house team can
be time-consuming, not to mention the hefty cost of equipping,
training and on-boarding new employees.

As an alternative, some hotels resort to freelancers.
Unfortunately, the market has become oversaturated with freelancers
thanks to the internet, which can make it incredibly hard to find
top talent. The last thing you want is to put your video project in
the hands of fly-by-nights.

Video marketing agencies help make the whole process easy for
hotels. When you outsource to an established video marketing
agency, your project will be handled by a team of specialists. With
camera pros, editors, emotional intelligence specialists, and other
experts on board, you will get video content that will deliver the
most traction and ROI.

(5) Keep Up with Ever-Changing Trends

Like other aspects of digital marketing, the world of video
marketing is always evolving. To stay ahead of the curve in the hotel
, you need to keep abreast of the latest trends. After
all, video tactics that worked yesterday might not cut it today or

This is especially true in an increasingly globalized industry
like hospitality. It can be hard to catch up if you let yourself be
left behind. Hiring the right video marketing agency takes the
pressure off of you. That’s because a reputable agency is always
on the cutting edge of market best practices, video techniques,
equipment, trends, and technology.

(6) Get Better Results

Hotel marketing
is multifactorial, which is why you need to
these 12 tips
to make it easy, effective and hassle-free. If
used properly video is a powerful tool that can help deliver
incredible results.

Marketers who use video get 66 percent more qualified hotel
leads each year. Even better, hotels that use video marketing enjoy
a 56 percent increase in brand recognition and awareness.
Ultimately, it all boils down to
guest booking experience
, an area where video marketing can
boost by up to 76 percent.

These are remarkable results that you can amplify by outsourcing
to a vetted video marketing agency. People want to see more video
content. Do you have what it takes to tailor hundreds if not
thousands of videos to optimize results?

Thought so – a video marketing agency does all the heavy
lifting so that each piece of video content you put in front of
your target audience will get you more bookings and increased

(7) Focus on What Matters Most – Delight your Guests

Again, video production, editing, and placement can consume a
great deal of resources and time very quickly. This can be a pain
for small and upcoming hotels that are trying to get off the

Remember there is a lot that is involved in getting the video
ready for marketing. And the learning curve itself might be too
steep for some hotels. That’s why it is a no-brainer to outsource
the entire process to a video marketing agency.

The agency will get the job done right without too much
disruption to your daily routine. This way, hotels and hotel
marketers can focus on what truly matters – growth and delighting
the guests.

(8) Help with Creating an Actionable Video Marketing Strategy

There is a lot that goes into creating a sound video strategy. A
great agency will help you every step of the way.

Picking the right platform – virtual tours,
local event videos, facility updates, and user content are some of
the best types of videos for hotel marketing. Some video styles fit
some video-sharing platforms better. The agency will help choose
the perfect platform for your videos where you will reach the most
of your audiences, whether that is YouTube, your website, Facebook
or Instagram.

Going mobile – More people watch videos on
mobile than ever. This should be a big part of your video strategy.
With experts on your side, you will easily deliver videos that are
optimized for watching across all screens.

Storytelling – your videos should tell your
hotel’s brand story and deliver the right message. You need an
experienced agency to tailor your message and content to resonate
well with your target audience.

(9) Cut Inefficiencies

Most digital marketing campaigns are riddled with
inefficiencies, and video marketing is no different. Oftentimes
that means wasted money, resources and time. To avoid this, you
need to leverage the experience of an agency to create your video
content and build marketing campaigns more efficiently.

They have professionals who will produce top-notch content
efficiently and cost-effectively. Instead of wasting money on
overhead expenses, markups and administrative costs, your dollars
will go to creative execution to generate the most ROI.

(10) Scale your Video Marketing Activities Smartly and Quickly

As a hotel marketer, you need to use different types of video to
attract, engage and delight guests. That often means producing
several videos in a week or even a day. A video marketing agency
has a full-service team that will help you scale smartly and
quickly, all without breaking the bank.

The Video Revolution

The video revolution is here to stay, and every hotel should
stake its claim right now. It helps with brand awareness, booking,
reputation management, educating guests, and much more, which is
why it’s a must-have in your hotel marketing toolkit.

As you can see from the aforementioned reasons, a video
marketing agency can put an incredible ally. You can save time and
money, as well as reduce inefficiencies and get better results. The
trick is to do due diligence to find the right agency for your
needs and budget.

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10 Reasons Why Hotels Need a Video Marketing Agency In 2019